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Dear Homeowner,

Before the Home Inspector and Appraiser come knocking on your door, please perform the following recommended service for each item:

  • HVAC Filters - install new prior to listing, clean surrounding area
  • Smoke Detectors Batteries - replace with new ones
  • Light Bulbs - replace all burned out bulbs & clean others
  • Windows - verify all open & close smoothly, no "guillotine effect"
  • Window Panes, Seals & Locks - identify and/or replace cracked or broken ones
  • Electrical Outlets - verify all covered with plates, attic & garage too
  • Toilet - verify all securely fastened to floor, no rocking or movement
  • Faucets & Shower Heads - repair if leaking, no reversed hot & cold faucets
  • Tubs & Showers - re-caulk as necessary 
  • Fireplace - clean wood chimney boxes & light gas pilot lights, if any
  • Sump Pump - remove lid for inspector/appraiser
  • Garage Door Opener - verify sensors working properly, doors open & shut safely
  • Exterior Wood - scrape & paint exposed or peeling wood

The above items are frequently found to be improperly working during home inspections. Often homeowners can personally repair these concerns prior to inspections/appraisal. However, if an Inspector or Appraiser identifies problems in a written report, sellers may be required to have a licensed contractor make even the simplest of repairs.

Avoid contract problems and obtain a Top Dollar sales price by verifying that the heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems are in normal working order. Advise me of any non-functioning items before we place you home on the market For Sale. Typically we can make any needed home repairs prior to listing, or possibly sell defective items As-Is, if I have been made aware of potential problems prior to receiving offers. I want to be proactive regarding property concerns to help prevent any surprise expenses for you!

Please have your home "Open House Ready" for the Inspector and the Appraiser with all the lights and ceiling fans turned on. The home inspection is a time for the buyer to fall in love with your home for the final time. We want all visitors to feel the WOW factor of your home to help facilitate a smooth closing.

A little advance preparation can save you a lot of time and money. It can also help ensure that your property will PASS inspections and appraise at the FULL contact price!

Many thanks in advance for your help and efforts! Your thoughts and questions are always welcome.




  1. Provide me with a copy of your Survey, first 4 pages of your Owner's Title Insurance Policy,  Two Sets of Keys and a Floor Plan prior to listing, if possible.
  2. Keep your Home Owner's Insurance Policy in effect until 3 days AFTER closing.
  3. Keep Utilities in your name until the day of CLOSING unless otherwise advised by me.
  4. Save existing Equipment Manuals to provide the buyer at closing.